$120 per person/Adults


 $85 per person/Children 12 & under


From the comfort of our heated facility, the Domes allows visitors the time and ease to await for the legendary light show to begin. We'd like to remind you that the Northern Lights are not on a clock schedule, and we can't necessarily predict this natural phenomenon, so just relax and unwind and as long as the visibility is clear be prepared to be amazed! While you wait, guests are encouraged to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and light snacks. There are videos onsite that you can watch; related to Churchill's environment and wildlife. Also, being that the Domes lies on the edge of town, cellular service and satellite TV are also available.

The Aurora Domes offers visitors a chance to view the spectacular outdoors from the comforts of being indoors at our heated facility. Through plexiglass "bubbles" guests can sit and watch the Northern Lights as bands of green, white, red and yellow appear to dance across the night sky. This remote location is a 20 minute drive from the town of Churchill, Manitoba. It allows you to see the Auroras at their best, away from other light pollution from the town. Viewing starts around 8/9PM and can go on until 2/3AM. Transportation is provided to and from the Domes and local town or area tours can be arranged upon request.

The Auroras

Aurora Domes

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